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Alex Mabille

Posted by mckayn1 on July 2, 2010

Yes, I am here…

On my search for a model, I came across a designer which had the same name and im so glad this happend as I probably wouldn’t of heard of Alex Mabille for long time. His biography on his website is in spanish so It I could only interpret things from it. I believe has worked with Dior for their Ready-to-wear (“Pret-a-porter”) and Haute Couture lines and also John Galliano who is the Creative director for Dior.

When I look at the Alex Mabille 2010 collection “Pretty Chic” mixed with some roman styles. The shapes, fabric and attention to detail work very well together. The colour pallet is easy going with hints of black or black throughout for a more sophisticated look.
The collection also features a lot of lace and silk material which would be gentle on the body and from a editorial perspective fantastic to photoshoot. I don’t know what it is but there is something about this collection which reminds me of Mark Fast. It could be the calm runway show which allows the clothes to speak even louder. Hmm…great stuff!

One Response to “Alex Mabille”

  1. Jen said

    the collection makes me want to speak literally, how? i don’t know, it makes me wish i was tall to wear that salmon-coloured suit ❤ his palette is actually perfect for me and in general, love pastels, nudes and blacks together! and i may steal these images for my scrapbooks, thanks 🙂

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