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A look back at Janice.

Posted by mckayn1 on June 13, 2010

When you see pictures like the ones below it makes you realise how valuable your youth is and how much plastic surgery DOES NOT always work in your favour. Natural beauty is always the most beautiful form. I decided to take a look at Janice Dickinson, one of the world’s first supermodels.

She has had a lot of botox and surgery but luckily for her she does not look like a wax sculpture from Madame Tussauds. You can still see her beauty even though her face does look quite stiff…

THEN…you see pictures like this and your jaw drops and thinks back to when she had a youth, the very thing that attracted photographers and scouters.


Look at how beautiful she was:

The self portrait black and white picture has to be one of my favourite. Classic.

3 Responses to “A look back at Janice.”

  1. Jen said

    omg she was so beautiful :/ that ELLE one, the red obi belt & fur coat one, oh what the heck they are all good. smh

  2. Jen said

    slackin on the blog updates Mister ¬_¬

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