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Vogue Paris. Kate Moss.

Posted by mckayn1 on June 6, 2010

♥ Kate Moss ♥ Vogue Paris ♥

The French seem to LOVE Kate Moss. She has been on the cover within the space of three months I believe. The last one I saw was shot by one of my favourite photographs Mario Sorenti on a beach shure. She looks so natural.

This cover was also shot by Mario Sorenti but has taking a different approach, presenting the Supermodel in a slightly more, glamorous yet youthful but sexy approach. lol Yes, you can probably feel alot of emotions from this shoot.

Probably one of the biggest Kate Moss fans on this earth, I’ve never seen her look so GOOD recently. Glad to see, something to keep the haters (Nathaniel & Rita) silent for a while.

One Response to “Vogue Paris. Kate Moss.”

  1. Thomas Crown said

    I ❤ the clothes but find the shoot very uninspiring

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