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Posted by mckayn1 on June 4, 2010


I saw this dress on my facebook and I must admit, I haven’t really seen anything else like it. Entitled ‘Shady Mummy’, this dress is by Romero Bryan from the A/W 2010 collection. It’s a metallic black silk chiffon dress with vintage hand-made tassles available in Silver/Gold/Brown/Black £3290.00

£3290 !!! I know the dress is very unique but I would love to know how special these fabrics are in order to justify the price.  Im quite intrigued.



Give me these over Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace any dayyy! Literally, my jaw dropped. Priced at £225, which is not too bad considering other brand prices, if you wanna blow the budget on some new lofas, then these are must.


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  1. JenJen said

    that Romero dress is gorgeous, i can picture it on the catwalk…better yet a good editorial piece. loafers are hot; gives me a break from starring at trainers; that colour is nice but in suede & this weather…no comment 🙂

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