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Yuliya Photoshoot

Posted by mckayn1 on May 30, 2010

Once again, another hetic photoshoot ruined by the British Weather. (This Damn Country!!!)

I was styling a photoshoot for photographer Yuliya of LCF. Shot in Angel Islington, we were only able to capture a few street shots due to the continous rain spells which was extremely annoying as the models, assistants and I were ready to go.

These series of photographs tell a story between a relationship between a guy and girl in the urban city. The shoot was influenced by Zoe Gaze; yet updated with a contemporary and sophisciated edge. The following brands used for the styling include:

– French Connection
– Marc B
– Marc by Marc Jacobs
– Zara
– Topman
– Uni Qlo
– KG by Kurt Geiger
– Kurt Geiger
– New Look
– Fire Trap
– Office
– H&M

(I know right…good line up)

UNFORTUNATELY, the rain was so terrible we were only able to shoot three out of the twelve outfits. The mood and atmosphere when completely down so we decided to call it a day. To be frank, “shit happens”, no matter how much effort you may put into something but you really just have to take that same energy that was in a way concealed from a bad shoot and transfer to a new one. Yuliya and I will most definately work together again so watch this space.

There is a quote which says “Better than succeeding little by little is failing at one go” & Yuliya really took a negative and turned it into a postive. Take a look at some of the pictures which were taken.

Styling – Merrick McKay (
Make-up – Nicole Juan
Girl model – Abigail @ Confidence Models
Boy model – Agelou @ Oxygen Models

6 Responses to “Yuliya Photoshoot”

  1. enzi said

    woow this is amazing considering d circumstances aswell…congrats keep up the high standards

  2. Yuliya said

    It didn’t go as planned, but I am sure we can get a much much better result next time 🙂

    Btw, how can I follow your blog if mine is registered at blogspot?

  3. Duncan said

    Shots are heavy!! The girls pose in the 6th picture is especially powerful.

  4. Loso said

    The pictures are amazing
    the stylist was on point
    great photo by the photographer
    I’m highly Impressed

  5. Kelly said


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