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Gucci Fall Winter 2010-2011

Posted by mckayn1 on May 16, 2010

Gucci Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 presented us with loads of velvet blazers, rich colours and functional accessories. Velvet, an often hard material to use in menswear clothing because of it’s slightly feminine association; Gucci still pulled it off. I particularly like the Gucci print on the rich navy blue blazer. Sometimes Gucci make the problem of over branding their designs which can “give it away”, as in making it too easy for people to spot where it’s from which is boring and no fun.

I really like the colour pallet aswell with the brown and beige which moves into navy blue, silver, burgundy, purple and two velvet gold pieces. Also the shoes are sick!

Here are some of my favourite looks.

3 Responses to “Gucci Fall Winter 2010-2011”

  1. Jen said

    any man who would/does confidently wear these items, i (will) bow to and radical feminists can take that!

  2. Jen said

    i never like oversized leather pieces on men…but that third model i give kudos to

  3. mckayn1 said

    The coats are just great man. RRRR I want to be rich

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