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Tommy Ton

Posted by mckayn1 on May 13, 2010

Whilst sitting on my lunch break at work,

I came across the Tommy Ton interview

on which I found sooooo

interesting. It talked about how he

started as a normal blogger to becoming

one of the most recognised fashion

writers, and photographers for that

matter in the world. Also the whole Jack

& Jil craze.

His photographs focus on the detail of

the garment.

you have to look for it and if you do find it, it’s probably just on some rich woman and you know, that’s not very interesting.”


He talks about how he use to buy tickets to Paris and London and thats when he got addicted. And when he got noticed that is when people

started calling him to do campaigns and editorials which was the turning point in how the new media can create a pathway for fashion


“Last September, that was when Dolce and Gabanna put me, Scott, Garance and Bryanboy in the front row; I think that really

signified the influence of new media.”

3 Responses to “Tommy Ton”

  1. Jen said

    looks a lot like jak&jil photography, loves their blog

  2. Jen said

    😐 oooh 😐 lmao woow

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