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Ty Ogunkoya

Posted by mckayn1 on April 26, 2010

When working on Carnaby St you meet loads of interesting and cool people or celebrities and semi famous people. My lunch break came and I began power walking to McDonalds for my McChicken Sandwich meal (yesss) when I suddenly saw a familiar face. To my surprise I came across one of the world’s successful black models, Ty Ogunkoya.

I approached him and said “Aren’t you a model” and he replied “yea man” and got shy as most people don’t recognise high fashion models. He was cool and down to earth. So I praised him about his accomplishments and took a pic. Very unique man.

Mainly recognised for his editorial work and the United Colours of Bennetton campaign, this guy has been in nearly every magazine.  Take a look at some of his work…

FIRETRAP S/S 10 (You must of seen this)

Wendell Lissimore & Ty Ogunkoya                                                                  Ty Ogunkoya walking for Dior Homme.

Philip Lim                                                                                                       Yves Saint Laurent

This is so weird but what i good idea for an editorial !

2 Responses to “Ty Ogunkoya”

  1. Jen said

    gorgeous skin, immaculate bone structure & a cute high school nerd vibe i get from the pics

  2. Jay Shin said

    OMG~!!!!!!he is gorgeous..Luv his bodylol

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