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Nick White Test Photoshoot

Posted by mckayn1 on April 11, 2010

In the early hours of the morning I found myself in Seven Sisters, Tottenham N17 outside the Nick White ‘Big Red Chimney’ photography studio. The weather was great but this particular shoot was studio based. Once everyone had arrived on set we began to set up the lighting, equipment, polystyrine boards etc…

The make-up artist began to work on our two models for the day Valcine Ngele & Molly, giving them simple look with bright stand out lipstick. The clothes were all lined up and we began the styling. With various clothes designed by Samantha Kingsley and other brands such as American Apparel, Topshop and Reiss; our sophisticated looks began to come alive.

I chose this Reiss blazer attached with tassles on the shoulder and one of the looks for the shoot. Along with Reiss high waisted shorts. AND YES! I know you’ve spotted it already, I couldn’t help but insist Samantha used this tassel clutch bag with the blazer to complete the look. I personally believe it would be a sin not to. At a total price of £358 we created the perfect sophisicated look for the modern day chic woman. Reiss NEVER fails me; wether it is womenswear or menswear, there is always something for a youthful or tailored look.

Blazer: Reiss £159
Clutch Bag: Reiss £110

Blazer: Zara £65.00

What do you do when your surrounded by two half naked models looking ever so good, styled in clothes every woman wish she has in her wardrobe? You take a picture and act as if more happend behind set! lool

iJoke iJoke.

Yes Read it and weep guys…read it and weep. 🙂

Samantha Kingsley is an upcoming designer who is currently studying at ‘The London College of Fashion’. I’ve known her from college and have realised “she always gets what she wants”. My favourite design of Samantha’s has to be the green dress modelled by Valcine. Great to shoot with and the frills on the dress work very well with the wind. Also the green is a brilliant colour and sits very well with the ‘Pretty Chic’ trend of 2010.

Behind the Scenes. Beautiful.

Now onto the pictures. Here are a select few I have chosen. Feel free to place your opinion.

Photography by Nick White

5 Responses to “Nick White Test Photoshoot”

  1. eni said

    This is overly hard!!

  2. Jen said

    OMG SOOOO Much to say im going to number it so it doesnt look like an essay.

    1. I envy you, yes i said it
    2. Reiss Blazer & Clutch :O omg, i NEED that clutch in my life i can do it (just have to resist a bit of Nando’s here and there)
    3.Oh my days i just looked at the blazer again and maybe i need it more than the clutch…its something about the tassles on the shoulders and the large buttons 🙂
    4. I got that Zara blazer in nude…umm how come you got a discount on that one ¬_¬?? white one looks hot though
    5. Valcine is beautiful and working that whole outfit, her legs are to die for and her pictures look immaculate…those shorts are hot, i like the waist band on them
    6.Samantha Kingsley is working it! snap snap go girl, those red lips give her look an edge
    7. Where are Valcine’s nude trousers from? A MUST have

    umm i think that’s all i have to say 🙂 sorry about my essay habits- thats just a problem that will never be solved lol

  3. Jen said

    my bad, number 6 i meant Molly

  4. Naomi said

    Molly looks great in the last shot!

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