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Summer Time

Posted by mckayn1 on April 10, 2010

Summer Time.

All it took was a few shimmers of light shining from the sun above to motivate me to cop some Sabre Shades. Ohhh yesss, they are fly indeed; you can always tell when your glasses are fly when you continuosly get ‘screwed’ or weird looks from other people of the same sex, specially if your a male. But who gives a ****. Looking good is key…correct?

Alot of people have Ray Bans. Now don’t get me wrong, they are sick and i’ll probably end up getting a pair but im more of a original person and HATE looking like everybody else on the street. This is why I got Sabre’s, another well established substitute brand heavily based around urban and street culture.

Lil Wayne with his Sabre Shades in one of his video.

Pharmacy Store (America)

Other fly sunglasses worth looking into…Super Spring/ Summer 2010 Collection.

2 Responses to “Summer Time”

  1. Jenn said

    Lol i so know where you’re coming from about the screwin especially being black, people act like God put a dresscode for us like tracksuits and new era caps, swagger alright lol

    Nevertheless nice sabres, liking those supers too

  2. Gerry said

    i need sabres in my life. good call.

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