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Prada 2010 Campaign “First Spring”

Posted by mckayn1 on April 2, 2010

“First Spring” The name of the new Prada 2010 Collection.

Honestly, one of the best advertising campaigns I have seen. It is almost a cross between Ed Van Der Esken’s ‘Young woman in Cheong-San Dress’ shots (below) which was photographed in Hong Kong and Mary Poppings.

Ed Van Der Esken ‘Young woman in Cheong-San Dress’

PRADA 2010 Campaign

The silent movie is 9 minutes and 11 seconds long. Just sit down and try to grasp the narrative. Would be very interesting to see how others interpret it. So artistic and romantic. I bet Grace Coddington (Anna Wintour’s right hand woman at Vogue) loves this! She is a huge fan of romance. The way the models move so gracefully in the air is great alongside a black and white theme, overlayed with classic oriental music. It is based around modern chinese and western people living in Shanghai.



One Response to “Prada 2010 Campaign “First Spring””

  1. Jen said

    Prada?? Really? Looks like someone had a dream and wanted to make it a reality, only seen the first five minutes of the video and i love the use of location & film noir – the way the music soothes it!!! the photos :O the first four im so stealing for my art!

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