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Mario Sorrenti Portrait of Kate Moss

Posted by mckayn1 on March 31, 2010

And people ask me what I like her so much. Mario Sorrenti shot a portrait of Kate Moss at the beach. I love all her pictures in these type of locations because it brings you back to when Kate Moss first started out. Her innocent waif look is still very much present. I guess thats what happens when you get out of London, you finally get some peace and tranquility.

The Mise en Scene is undoubtely one of the best aspects of these pictures also; white sand beaches, blue sea and sunshine. You can even see the hint of blue in the rocks (picture 3) that she is posing on.

ONE OF THE BEST BONE STRUCTURES I HAVE EVER SCENE. (Natasha Poly’s can ‘almost’ rival it)

2 Responses to “Mario Sorrenti Portrait of Kate Moss”

  1. Jen said

    She looks really long in the third pic, she does have a beautiful bone structure and i feelher older younger photos accentuated that better, i prefer her old photos there’s one in like black & white where her hair is wet slicked back n she’s naked, midshot starring back at the camera; i love that picture.

  2. Sam said

    I agree she has a great bone stucture and photographs beautifully but theres something I’m not feeling… many of the photos are becoming ‘samey’ and not fresh any more. I most definatley agree that she looks better on this sort of location.

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