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Myself and Valcine modelling.

Posted by mckayn1 on March 26, 2010

Just some pictures of myself & a friend doing some modelling for Twishika Daley who designed the leotard which is being worn. Shot in soho by Rochelle Jeannine, their was quite alot of people passing by alongside that cold british breeze hitting our skin. No make-up applied apart from on Valcine. Only editing was the levels on photoshop. LOOK AT THEM LEGS!

One Response to “Myself and Valcine modelling.”

  1. Jen said

    arghhhh Naomi Campbell in the making!!! legs are great, skin looks flawless, HATING 😦
    leotard is hot, studs ❤ loooooove em. The first two look like Armani & CK in colour. The angle in the first one is tooo striking, shirts hot and are those Supras ¬_¬

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