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Posted by mckayn1 on March 14, 2010

Without being bias, my favourite designer of all time YvesSaintLaurent which is run by new creative director Stefano Pilati has impressed me so much with his new collection. I always love the shapes created in the collection but the colour pallet is usually surrounded by black which can become quite repetitive. Black, classic and sexual chic is the trademark style of YSL. However, the latest 2010 ready to wear collection presented the top editors and fashionista’s with COLOUR.

The colour pallet included…*deep breath*:

  • Black (Essentials)
  • White (Essentials)
  • Grey
  • Royal Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow

The cut and shapes of the clothes took me back to more of the classic 70’s influenced clothes designed by Mr Laurent himself “Stefano Pilati said  after the show when discussing the collection that it paid ” homage to YSL and the rigorous tailleur.”  The plastic material place over the jacket was unusual but Stefano Pilati said that “It’s about protection,”

The heels also looked abit to me punk rock but whether it was inspired by this highly questionable as it is not expected from YvesSaintLaurent. We can always count of YSL to come up with some of the best heels out of all of the catwalk shows. It’s just in their nature!


4 Responses to “YvesSaintLaurent”

  1. Jen said

    im going to say something that might hit a nerve but…ahem I dont like YSL, okay well look at the time, dinner 🙂

  2. mckayn1 said



    This is a blog and I respect your opinion… loool

  3. Jen said

    that was said behind gritted teeth, i can sense it lool

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