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McQueen Final Collection

Posted by mckayn1 on March 14, 2010

SIMPLY AMAZING! Look at the detail, the white gowns and who thought he could continue his streek of shocking heels! (I just hope someone with more purpose than Lady Gaga endz up wearing them. I truly believe they should just put his work in a fashion and arts museum, no one can do what he did. I mean of course John Galliano is superb and on the same wave length but it’s still not “McQueen”. I’m getting quite emotional so im gonna stop typing now. Peace 😦

3 Responses to “McQueen Final Collection”

  1. Aurélie said

    Good piece… Its a great shame that a fashion mogul is gone ey. R.I.P McQueen!

  2. Jen said

    daammn 😐 epitome of couture or what? the details on that red dress are amazing. i still really dont think he got the attention he deserved, this guy’s work was beyond the word amazing, his work is alien to me…. like the ormadillo shoes? UGLY but still very loveable. i think he really captures the essence of time; its like its reminiscent of the past and yet almost futuristic. LOVE IT!!! argh im stealing this link 🙂

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