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Posted by mckayn1 on January 28, 2010


From London to Paris, this two hour train journey was certainly worth it. Pret-A-Porter is one of the biggest fashion events in the world. My eyes were being flushed with hundreds of brands from France to Korea to Italy etc… Truely an educational experience. I managed to take some photos by asking nicely :); however, other designers were relunctant to allow me for personal and brand issues.


Inside the Arena there were countless brands illustrating the fur trend. Some real, some symthetic and often mixed with leathers aswell. These are pictures of some of the brands or trends i was able to take pictures of:

Anton & Moda

Spanish brand selling fur, symthetic or ecological coats.      The coats were very nice and the leather was rich in quality.

A&G- Another fur + leather brand with an established reputation in Europe.

Demoiselle- Goat Leather

Sang Futur- Japaneise Designer. Voted Designer of the year in Japan. Favourite piece is the jacket 3rd & 4th picture.

ChicFutur– Pattern Cut dress + Royal Blue fur jacket.

All of the pictures were taken by myself. Pret-A-Porter was reallyyy good, more to come!

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