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Claudia Schiffer for Muse

Posted by mckayn1 on December 10, 2009


Claudia Schiffer has stood out for me more than ever before since her return to modelling. The Supermodel has been EVERYWHERE and certainly caught my eye since she appeared in the Salvatore Ferragamo ad campaign and also the Yves Saint Laurent adcampaign which was shot in Holllywood.
This cover and editorial is brilliant beyonds words…

And may i add… she looks soooo young aswell. Good Look!


2 Responses to “Claudia Schiffer for Muse”

  1. Twishika said

    Good stuff Nicholas, your talent never ceases to amaze. You know I’m your biggest fan. Keep doing what your doing and remember the sky is the limit and with God all things are possible. xx

  2. Jen said

    schiffer is just a legend, she got this confidence about her as if – if she walks in a room she’ll own it and heads turning. she’s aging pretty good too.

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